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Syringe Filters

Choosing the right KX Syringe Filter
  • Comprehensive range of membranes
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Solvent resistant housing with minimal extractables
  • Leak-free Luer-lok and Luer connections
  • User-friendly storage options
  • Available with integral pre-filter
  • Bulk pack options available
Kinesis KX Syringe Filters is a comprehensive range of nonsterile disposable syringe filters f or reliable sample preparation. Reproducible membrane quality and automated manufacturing processes ensure par ticulates are removed from each and every sample, extending analytical column lifetime and minimising injection port or valve damage.
Utilising the standard Luer-lok/Luer connections, KX Syringe Filters are available in 0.22 and 0.45µm porosities and 4, 13, 25 and 30mm diameters. KX Syringe Filters are available in a wide selection of membranes, including Nylon, PTFE and PVDF , suppor ting all common sample preparation applications.
The use of a retainer ring seals the polyprop ylene housing, preventing leaking and sample loss. All KX Syringe Filters are colour coded, allowing easy identification of an individual filter , ensuring the correct filter is
selected for each sample.
KX Syringe Filters are supplied in re-sealable containers allowing easy storage and preventing contamination during multiple opening/closing.
For particulate laden samples, KX Syringe Filters are also available with an integral depth filter
  • Hydrophilic surface, good solvent resistance and medium protein binding
  • Filtration of all aqueous samples and most organic solvents
  • Strong mechanical stability
  • Excellent chemical compatibility (esters, bases, phenol and alcohols)
  • Highest solvent resistance and high protein binding
  • Filtration of non-aqueous or solvent based samples
  • Condition with methanol or ethanol prior to aqueous sample filtration
  • Extremely broad chemical and thermal compatibility
  • Recommended for strong acids and bases
  • Broad chemical compatibility and low UV absorbing extractables
  • Highly resistant to most solvents and low protein binding
  • General filtration of biological samples
  • Filtration of all aqueous and most solvent based samples
  • Filtration of proteins and tissue cultures

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