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Chemical Reference Standards

As exclusive distributors for Accustandard, in India, Kinesis are able off er the most comprehensive range of reference standards to meet all today’s analytical laboratory requirements.

With over 40,000 catalogue listed items plus a custom mix and synthesis service Kinesis provide high quality reference standards to all fields of analytical chemistry including organic, inorganic, petrochemical and pesticides.
Chemical Reference Standards:
PCBs, PBDEs, Dioxins, Furans, P AHs, P esticides, VOCs, Functional Groups, EP A Methods (500, 600, 1300, 1600, 8000 series), CLP , Regional Methods, Explosives, Plastic Additives, Food, Allergens, Dyes, PFOAs, Custom Formulation, and Custom Synthesis
ICP , ICP/MS, AA, Ion Chrom, Wet Chem, ICP Multi Element (QC, SD WA, TCLP , MISA, CLP , EP A, Alternate Source, EU, ASTM), ICP/MS Multi-Element (Calibration, QC, EP A), OrganoMetallics
Standards for 100 ASTM Methods – Real World Gasoline QC, Oxygenates, Aromatics, Physical Properties, PIANO, DHA , Diisocyanates, Biofuels, UOP , TPH & Fuels and Hydrocarbons, LUFT/LUST (UST) State Specific, Sulfur, Wear Metals
Quality Control
PT (Proficiency T esting) Self-T ests, Alternate Source Line, NotLots Accustandard produce the highest quality standards available in ISO accredited laboratories with Accustandard accredited to Guide 34.

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